About me

My name is Clemens Scott and I am an artist and game maker living in Vienna, Austria.

I am a co-founder and creative director of the independent game studio Broken Rules where I work as a multi disciplinarist with a traditional focus on visual art.

Currently I'm improving my programming skills with the aim to develop FOSS. You can view some of my code projects on GitHub.


If I can, I would like to learn and see as much as possible during my visit on this planet we call Earth, grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, and leave with a sense of positive impact.

Yet, I try not to ever take myself too seriously and mostly, I don't have to try very hard.

We will probably get along, if we share one or more of the following values:

  • Quality > Quantity
  • Happiness > Wealth
  • Ideals > Security
  • Rationalism > Superstition
  • Independence > Heteronomy
  • Mindfulness > Heedlessness
  • Social Justice > Priviledge
  • Environmental Care > Greed
  • Self-Reflection > Egotism
  • Optimism > Apathy

Speaking experience

Over the past years I've spoken at the following conferences and festivals:

  • Japan Prize 2018 - Tokyo, Japan
  • Vienna Design Week 2018 - Vienna, Austria
  • Creative Mornings 2018 - Vienna, Austria
  • Sense of Wonder Night 2017, Tokyo, Japan
  • Taipei Game Show 2017, Taipei, Taiwan
  • AzPlay 2017, Bilbao, Spain
  • Game Developers Session 2017, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Game Developers Conference 2017 - San Francisco, USA
  • Game Development Days Graz 2017, Graz, Austria
  • Box Conference 2016, Vienna, Austria
  • Anifilm 2014 - Trebon, Czech Republic
  • Indievelopment 2014 - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Subotron Arcademy 2014, Vienna, Austria